GMA Services LLC
  1. Procurement of Goods and Services
    - Buying and selling of Vehicles, Trucks(Spare parts and sourcing) e.t.c. - Facilitate delivery of your goods and services - Sale/Sourcing of Laptop, Phones, IPAD electronic gadgets, kids toys e.t.c.
    We ensure your procurement of vehicles/Trucks and spare parts are met and on time too. We ensure quality of goods and service delivery to your location.
  2. After Care
    Expect a call from us, for a follow-up on your experience with us. We want to make sure we give you the best always.
    Give us a call and you will be happy you did, we are always ready to render our services.
  3. Consultancy Services
    - Outsourcing of labor for maintenance, cleaning e.t.c. - Inspection services(API) Piping , Tanks, Vessels - Procurement and management of your resources and projects.